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The TOMCAR Enforcer...

4 wheel independent suspension system with fully customisable fire fighting equipment from FireAde.


Demonstration of FireAde at the Civil Defence of AbuDhabi, UAE

Oil Tank

Live testing of fully ignited oil storage tank and how just one line ( hose ) is able to extinguish this establish fire in less than one and a half minutes

FireAde AD


Demonstration of how Fire Solution Plus / FireAde handle sub station transformer protection.  Transco of AbuDhabi are installing for all of their major sites and where our systems offer the very finest solution.


Showing how a simple Enforcer back pack and loaded with FireAde can easily extinguish a pile of established on fire tyres.

FireAde FFF

Plane Crash

A Helicopter TV crew happened to be passing when this military jet crashed... and where FireAde was being deployed to extinguish the fire.. including for magnesium.

walk through fire

Watch this more extensive video and see how by using FireAde you can extinguish a path through fire and that will not reignite behind you..